Keeping Lent, dispelling fear

You may already be well advanced in the arrangements for keeping Lent in prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Familiar devotions, such as the Stations of the Cross, are a welcome discipline, as is the offer of a Lent book.

Covid has made it much more difficult to set up Lent groups in people’s homes. In order to meet that difficulty, Bishop Will and I are offering an online Lent Course entitled, In the Comfort of the Holy Spirit.

It is available on the See of Ebbsfleet website now, (click here for more details)  and each of the five sessions can be downloaded and printed as a separate pdf file. We hope that arrangements could be made to print a hard copy for anyone who does not use online material. For those without access to printers, the Additional Curates Society would be able to provide copies – please contact Robert Jordan here

The Course is intended for use by small groups who might meet for coffee in church after Mass on Sunday or midweek, or for individuals at home.

Each session provides a picture of a work of art and brief details of its history.  There is then a short passage of scripture that is illuminated by the artwork and a simple reflection on word and image. There are three questions to prompt a group discussion or personal reflection, followed by three suggestions for a devotional response.  And the session ends with a prayer.

We hope this as an easy-to-use Lent resource and that it will be a helpful resource for the keeping of Lent.

+ Martin Cicestr:         + William Lewes