Details of The Chrism Masses from

The Right Reverend Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield

Dear Fathers, Dear Deacons, Dear Friends

Chrism Masses 2022 (and the Ebbsfleet Lent Course)

After three years where we have been unable to gather together for the Regional Chrism Masses, I grateful to the Deans and Chapters of Bristol, Exeter and Lichfield that we will be able to be together once again.

The dates for this year’s Chrism Masses are:

Lichfield Cathedral – Wednesday 6th April (the Wednesday in Passion Week), at 11.30am (I am to celebrate and preach);

Bristol CathedralMonday 11th April (the Monday in Holy Week), at 12 noon (the Bishop of Chichester to celebrate and preach);

Exeter Cathedral – Tuesday 12th April (the Tuesday in Holy Week), at 11.30am (the Bishop of Lewes to celebrate and preach).

Posters advertising the dates have been mailed to you, together with a poster advertising the Walsingham Festival at Exeter Cathedral

For a pdf copy of the Chrism Mass Poster CLICK HERE

For a pdf copy of the Walsingham Festival Poster CLICK HERE

I very much hope that as many laity as possible will be with us at the Chrism Masses and for the masses to be an encouragement to them in the vacancy in See.

For those wishing to concelebrate at the Chrism Mass

If you wish to concelebrate you must have a valid licence or Permission to Officiate and to inform Catherine, either by phone (07881 875583) or by email (, by Wednesday 23rd March that you wish to concelebrate.  We are required to submit names to the Diocesan Bishops of all those concelebrating for safeguarding purposes.

Vesting instructions

Clergy should only need to bring an alb and (as belt-and-braces measure) a white stole as vestments should be provided.

At Lichfield Cathedral (Wednesday 6 April), you will need to be in the Lady Chapel (at the far east of the church) robed and ready please by 11.00 am.

At Bristol Cathedral (Monday 11 April) you will need to be in the Lady Chapel (at the far east of the church), robed and ready please by 11.30 am.

At Exeter Cathedral (Tuesday 12 April) you will need to be in the Lady Chapel (at the far east of the church), robed and ready please by 11.00 am.

Obtaining the Holy Oils

Unlike previous years, please bring your own clean stocks in which to take oils back to the parish with you.  It is hoped that any remaining oil will be held regionally should you require more later in the year.

If you are a parish in vacancy or have asked a member of your congregation to collect the oils on your behalf, please would you email Catherine with the name of the person collecting the oils for the parish.


Making your Confession before Easter

Bishop Martin, Bishop Will and I plan to make arrangements for confessions to be heard both before and after the Chrism Mass in Lichfield, Bristol and in Exeter.

Please would any priest who is willing to exercise this ministry contact me ( for hearing confessions in Lichfield Cathedral on Wednesday 6th April; Bishop Martin ( for hearing confessions in Bristol cathedral on Monday 11 April, and contact Bishop Will ( for hearing confessions in Exeter cathedral on Tuesday 12 April.

Lent Course

Bishop Martin and Bishop Will have offered an online Lent Course for the Ebbsfleet family “In the Comfort of the Holy Spirit”.

It is available on the Ebbsfleet website and each of the five sessions can be downloaded and printed as a separate pdf file as well as the whole course in one booklet.  If you are unable to print this, the Additional Curates Society have kindly agreed to print sets for you – please be in contact with Robert Jordan if this would be of use (email:

The Course is intended for use by small groups who might meet for coffee in church after Mass on

Sunday or midweek, or for individuals at home.

Each session provides a picture of a work of art and brief details of its history.  There is then a short passage of scripture that is illuminated by the artwork and a simple reflection on word and image. There are three questions to prompt a group discussion or personal reflection, followed by three suggestions for a devotional response.  And the session ends with a prayer.

More details by clicking here

With my prayers for you all for a holy and blessed Lent,

The Right Reverend Tony Robinson

Bishop of Wakefield