The first edition of the Oswestry Gazette

The first edition of the Oswestry Gazette has been sent to all parishes that look to the Bishop of Oswestry for sacramental and pastoral care.  This exciting new publication will be produced annually to celebrate all of the wonderful things that are happening in the See of Oswestry.  You can download an electronic version [...]

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The Oswestry Chrism Festivals

The Bishop of Oswestry, with great excitement, invites all across the See to make it a priority to attend one of the three Oswestry Chrism Festivals this year.  The day begins with the Chrism Mass, followed by a buffet lunch.  A time of catechesis comes after, and the Festival concludes with Benediction of the [...]

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Appointment of the new Bishop of Beverley

The Society’s Council of Bishops is delighted that Fr Stephen Race SSC has been appointed as the next Bishop of Beverley by the Archbishop of York. Fr Stephen’s service to the Church has been rooted in parochial ministry in the Wakefield episcopal area in the Diocese of Leeds. While firmly grounded in the Catholic wing of the Church of [...]

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Ebbsfleet Parishes in Coventry Diocese

In the midst of the summer holidays Ebbsfleet parishes in the diocese of Coventry are supporting school-aged children in various ways. St Luke's Church in Holbrooks is running a Summer Club every Friday of the summer holidays between 9.30am and 11.30am. The club offers free activities, games and refreshments for children of all ages. [...]

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Mission Project in Swindon New Town

Sir John Betjeman once remarked of S. Mark’s, Swindon that “its achievement lay in catholicizing a parish, not merely a congregation”.  Looking back at photographs of my predecessors in past generations, they are often pictured as part of a large staff team.  I am told that there was a time when someone only had [...]

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The See of Oswestry

Now that the proposed revival of the See of Oswestry has received the approval of both the Dioceses Commission and the Lichfield Diocesan Synod, The Society's Council of Bishops would like to record its gratitude to the Bishop of Lichfield, the Bishop to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and their staff for their hard work to [...]

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The Saint Kenelm Pilgrimage

The Saint Kenelm Pilgrimage takes place on Saturday 23rd July at St Peters Church, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, starting at 10.30. For more details  and timetable, please click here for the programme. You can also visit their website by clicking here.      

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