The Way Through The Wilderness

Looking back to Lent 2020, in my parishes here in Torquay we embarked on “The Way Through the Wilderness” as our course for the season. The aim was to look at how people encounter God in the desert places and seasons of life. Then the first COVID lockdown occurred, and we were brought into the [...]

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Gloucester Area Report

It was a great honour for Fr. Robert to be appointed by Bishop Jonathan as his representative in the Diocese of Gloucester - on a zoom call during Lockdown! The traditional catholic constituency in terms of parishes is modest comprising of  All Saints, Cheltenham (Fr. Robert Wright), and Ss Phillip & James, Up Hatherley, (Fr. [...]

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Pusey House Theological Conference 2022

The 2022 Pusey House Theological Conference, entitled Descent of the Dove: Knowing and Loving in Spirit and Truth, will consider the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the transformations which arise from knowledge in, faith in, and encounter with Him. The conference will be held at Oxford from Monday 4th –  Wednesday 6th July 2022. We [...]

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Chrism Masses 2022

Details of The Chrism Masses from The Right Reverend Tony Robinson, Bishop of Wakefield Dear Fathers, Dear Deacons, Dear Friends Chrism Masses 2022 (and the Ebbsfleet Lent Course) After three years where we have been unable to gather together for the Regional Chrism Masses, I grateful to the Deans and Chapters of Bristol, Exeter [...]

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